> memories 2004

Hello ladies
My dad
My mom
High School Friends
Ad for Bubblicious
Da boys
Da girls
Right before we leave
Same. Freakin. Pose.
Engineer at work
Big boy
Paparazzi shot
I swear that's him too
Eeeeek it's him!
Fab Four
Before the dinner
Tired much?
Matt gets punk
Punky learns about jello shots
Why so angry?
So. Very. Wrong.
Future of In N Out
Spencer and Matt
Awesome-o 3000
How surreal
Cutest dog
Smile Lani!
Bounce with me
Tie guy
Deja Vu
That's a lot of tacos
World Famous
at Street Scene
Anson Cindy
Patty Mi 2
Patty Mi
Freeze sucka
Sup dawg
we win!
the Girls
Patty and me. Again.
Ooh look!
To the left of me
On the right of me
The field