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Phineas for Cheryl

Phineas for Cheryl

attern: Phineas by Rosemary Waits
Yarn: JKnits in colorway Boston
Needles: Addi Turbo circulars US1

Knit top down with a flap heel. I wouldn't really recommend doing this because I was very lucky that the last whole "diamond" at the foot was completed just where the toe decreases should start. Otherwise, I may have ended up with half a diamond. If you knit toe up as the pattern is written, then you can just keep knitting the cuff until a diamond is done. But I wanted to knit them on circulars and I couldn't be bothered figuring out how to cast on for a toe on that.

Yes, Kris, I'm back on the circulars for socks and I love it. No, I don't want buy my US0 back. :)